What To Pack for PNW Nude!

Prepare for the worst weather! We will try to avoid it but we will be shooting outside in a rainforest everyday, rain or shine. The usual temperature on the Peninsula in October is in the 50s and it is often rainy. Waterproof gear and clothes are a necessity.

  • Lens Hoods: keeps water off the front element and sun off the lens.

  • Camera: DSLR or Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera or Film Camera. I like to have a two, so one is a back up.

  • Lenses: we recommend wide angle (like a EXAMPLE) and a telephoto zooms (like a EXAMPLE) to get the most varied points of view. The speed at which we have to shoot (for models' comfort) and the rugged terrain can make reframing a shot difficult.

  • Memory Cards / Film: bring more than you think you need, and then some!

  • Batteries & chargers.

  • Outlet converter if you are from outside of the USA.

  • A laptop with your preference of editing software: Lightroom, Camera Raw, Photoshop

  • Hard drives to back up your images

  • Warm clothing (think layers). A rain jacket with a hood, plus waterproof shoes, boots, and pants! The taller the boot the more varied your angles can be.

  • Lens cloths: the more the better!

  • Backpack style camera bag: either waterproof or with a waterproof cover.

  • Small umbrella: well built. It gets very windy.

  • Camera poncho: The Olympic Rainforest is wet; anticipate rain and ocean mist.

  • Tripod: for long exposures and possibly landscapes.

  • Model releases: we do not provide them so please bring your own if desired.

Please do not bring lights as the overcast sky in the Pacific Northwest is already the best kind of soft box.