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So Who Runs This Thing, Anyway?

Corwin Prescott is an internationally published fine art photographer who creates poetic visuals that focus on empowered subjects and resplendent nature. 

Nicole Vaunt is currently considered one of the world’s top art models, partially due to her high energy and commitment to creative collaboration on every set. 

Shoot With Corwin started in 2015 and has helped dozens of photographers create spectacular images in some of the world’s most beautiful locations. In 2018, driven by a need to support their community after realizing that the art world continues to lack diverse viewpoints, they started offering scholarship spots to younger photographers in need.

Utilizing Patreon.com as a funding platform, the Portland, Oregon-based partners are currently working on several personal projects in addition to their annual art nude workshops.

  • We Were Wanderers, a digital & printed narrative of fine art nudes on every continent, is a life-long project that documents their collaborative work.

  • Into the Wild, a curated collection of the last 10 years of Corwin’s outdoor nude photography, is slated for release in 2020. 

  • Temperance, a dual-volume art book of erotica, raised over 56K on Kickstarter and the remaining copies of the limited edition series can be found here.

// photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink

// photo by Kristen Hatgi Sink